by Cheldon McQueen

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released June 11, 2013

Executive Producers: Cheldon McQueen, Andrew Atwood
Mastered by Andrew Atwood
Artwork by Jorge Casanova




Cheldon McQueen Houston, Texas


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Track Name: strngrs, i
you don't
you don't know who I be

nowadays when I meet girls I'm afraid to tell em that I rap
‘cause nowadays when I meet em and I tell em that I rap, their eyes roll back
then they get green
ask me, chelly have you ever been in a magazine?
ask me, you sure you rap ’cause you really look like you sing
well I can sing a little song for you
nevermind the front I'm putting on for you
still got feelings for my ex girl but my ex girl got a phone full of phone numbers
and not a single one is mine
never even noticed I was racing against time
‘cause I log on all in the middle of the night her facebook status is the one that I like
the first that I like
the first one that I like
you the first one that I liked ’til I loved to the point that I never thought twice
about us in danger
whoever thought we'd ever find our love endangered, yeah
I said go to hell to an angel
now we ain't nothing but strngrs

moving, moving, moving on
we keep moving on

move along, move along
I'm still all alone, all alone

bring around the rosé
bottle full of gold flakes
ashes, ashes we all fall

bring around the prozac
pocket full of gold packs
ashes, ashes we all high.
Track Name: blind
spent the last three years mad at myself but I
I knew It'd come again
never thought that I would feel so alone but I
I feel alone again
told myself that I would stop poppin pills but I
I need to calm my nerves
are you used to being used I
I guess I'll never know

what can I do
thought it was you
hey, blind

spent the last three years mad at myself and I
I nearly lost my mind
are you afraid 'cause you
you keep runnin' runnin'
I'm running out of time
girl you got me fucked up
mmm mmm booboo fuck you
wish you could see me now
thought you would come with me but
now you really see
who's really blind

what can I do
thought it was you
hey, blind
Track Name: big
mister big dreams
big dreams
big dreams from the city of the lean hoping that I don't fall out the
I don't fall out the
I don't fall out the sky
this is for those times watching MTV cribs and getting depressed over
always told me money was nothin to stress over
but what makes that phrase so funny?
I bet the person who made it had money
at the gas station getting change for a twenty ‘cause I can't really afford to keep my 5 series runnin'
I shoot, I miss
they shoot, they hit
it seems 20 days before, I was just day 6
at my other other day job
folding panties having daydreams again about me
holding grammys wait, hold your applause
can't be the boss of the dental floss in a rental car
are we just playing for sport or we just playing it smart or we just the little kids who shouldn't play up on the court while the big kids here
autumn over all them
I can't play? well fuck it give me my ball then

mister big dreams
big dreams
big dreams from the city of the lean hoping that I don't fall out the
I don't fall out the
I don't fall out the sky
and every time they go
is you there yet?
patience is killing me
but I ain't dead yet
'til the day the newer I suicide
I ain't scared yet

this is for the times in my momma crib sleeping on the floor
when my pops promised to visit we'd be sleeping by the door
didn't know seeing your children could become a frequent chore uh
even when you promise to see em more uh
there was sequences I couldn't see before uh
guess you had some feelings you was feeling more huh
guess you thought in order to make a million
first you had to make a million more huh
eyes on fire
racks on racquets
how's that beamer chelly?
black on blackest
what's next for you?
the blackstone dragon
the flagship martyr,
bad bitch embalmer
two year hiatus but got buzz like a six of lager
I'm kenny, federer, and clemens just a mix of rogers
autumn over all of them
texas capital autumn's the new austin


big dreams
big dreams
big screams, aww what does it mean
when all I do is dream of falling or can't recall them seeing me without the markets like giorgio without armani or more like george tsoukalos this
rapper said I was garboje
thought he that he was santa, nah, I just call him carlos
I'm mel gibson
autumn over all of them
'bout time I start looking like a god to them

(chorus 2x)
Track Name: sommelier, i
just found out that my girl a sommelier
but im ignorant, so I just call her a sommelier
know it's hard finding love that is so innate
but we young so her panties on the chandelier
and they hanging both of us hanging
and it turn me on so
guess what else hangin
and your hair looking good in those curly q's
she wear opposite of jordans like she 32
that means high heels
that means canvases
your body a work of art it, belongs on a canvas
got so much class it belongs on campus
can I be the first to dunk it like candace?
you are no longer in kansas
'cause you are now in my dreams
your energy is enchanted
are you even in my league
'cause I ain't nothing but a bench rider
only if these legs helped me jump an inch higher
I could win her heart over in its entire
and in time I could find my way inside her
I'm revealing my intentions
'cause I find it real appealing when you listen
and everything I been concealing is a given
and I'm giving you the feeling that you feel

c'mon baby, let's just keep it real
you know that feeling that you feel
Track Name: headgames, i (interlude)
baby I didn't do you the way that I should of
maybe I didn't give you that good lovin' like I could of
that little bling you like, I should've bought you some
but I barely spent a dime
but you was always on my mind, you was always on my mind
maybe I didn't wrap you up in my arms on all those lonely, lonely nights
and I guess I never hit you up to say girl this thing we got is right
so if I played you to the left like all the rest, babe I'm sorry let's not fight, fight, fight
'cause you was always on my mind
you was always on my mind
you was always on my mind
Track Name: headgames, ii
all a nigga really need is a lil' bit
little bit of this
little bit of that that
take a little bit you
when you
throw a little bit back
when you all in my zone
gimme that funk
that sweet, that gushy stuff been plaguing my mind
all in my mind
all in my thoughts, it fuck with my art
got mona lisa in my bimmer rocking gold and adidas say she only fuck with niggas with some goals and achievements, I guess
I got a kiss on my list like hall and oates
you bad as what?
girl I know
stoney eyed woman out the stoney brook
trying to steal your boney heart, I can't be the only crook
only if I only tried, told her look me in my eyes, this may come as some surprise but

it's eight grade with the taper fade
you were on your halle berry with the finger waves
only if she was as bad as that man, she would be able to keep a black man
yeah I got jokes don't I
but neither of us laughed when I moved to san antoni
when I thought that crown victoria was a continental
exchanging folded letters thinking we was confidential
purp and patron, I lean on purple patron, that day I asked you your name I smiled until I got home
I said
I think she like me
oh I think she like me
she like me she write me letters is this that forever forever?
I can't even do my class work
this dames the name to all my passwords
and we can live our whole life together everything right together
I just gotta ask first
Track Name: citrus
fridays she kills it
saturdays she kills it
sundays she kills it
make me remember
make me remember
make me remember
bonita apple
give me your citrus
give me your citrus
give me your citrus
make me remember
make me remember
bonita apple
make me remember
bonita apple
give me your citrus

hello nice to meet you
my names chelly
guess I forgot the rest
this usually doesn't happen
I'm usually much relaxed and
very calm and collected
but shit this first impression
has got me second guessing
maybe it's just my timing
I should've tucked my tie in
I should've fixed my shirt
I should've wore some diamonds, you look like you like a baller
I mean I used to hoop
I mean I used to ball
I mean I usually do
I'm just your average
used to cut classes
drive it til it crashes
lower class bastard but I
I got these singles
and I'm feeling like I'm diddy
we could spend a night on the city
or just spend the night
or just dim the lights
orchestra in my mind
playing timpanis
they get louder everytime you sit with me, as the tempo speeds up
another song ends
I throw the money up high and she keeps dancing ‘til it lands


hello nice to meet you
oh you wanna know my name?
and not my stripper name
oh you a rapping nigga all y'all niggas tip the same
and all y'all say y'all different
but all y'all look the same
ain't nothing change
wearing gold chains and brand names seem real appealing
but honestly, every rapper seem realer on twitter
well honestly, every stripper seem bent over scrilla
and probably had daddy issues what's your story?
she got to telling me how
she fell in love once
then had a baby named her june, she's a cancer
and her father such deadbeat he won't even buy her pampers
said soon as she graduated she started dancing
'cause she got kicked out
and her baby's father he just dipped out
but it's all in gods plans
don't you worry bout a thing
you just throw that money up high i'll keep dancing 'til it lands like

(chorus 2x)
Track Name: gold skeleton
thought you'd be here forever
but even weathermen can't predict the weather
I could nose dive off the most high into a kettle
but drowning doesn't help It only makes you wetter
hear that?
the screams
the cries
from all
when the hearts
I've screamed
I've cried
let out
my soul
It's seems like every time I blink it's another year old it like It started as a dream two years ago
wasn't tryna be deuce bigalow male gigolo
but these girls kind of act like they never really seen a hero
in case you're wonderin'
golden autumn on they wishing summer would end
and somewhere along the line I heard, that I should meet some better people
but the more dramatic life is only makes for a better sequels
just because you better people that don't make you better people
the black pharaoh in black camaros the pledge allegiance to the

hasty decisions in a room full of doors
sittin' here waiting for the fumes to perform
must be a pharaoh I'm in tune with my soul
so when I die bury me in a tomb full of gold

gold skeleton
so I can live forever
through my rhymes and my style I'm-a live forever
they try to lock me down
nothing major though
oh, so you sick with the rhyming?
well I'm vicks vapor rub
welcome to the table where we're tryna get our paper up
autumn got them stinging like the freshest of the paper cuts
queen candidate for the freshest of the millennium
that's why they want to know my intel like pentium
haters, I got plenty of them but I never gave a fuck about any them
I might be gone for a long time
for what? killing em
welcome to the coast where
we strive to ride on vogues
and our speech a little slow 'cause there's syrup in our throats
and the girls like a guy who isn't your average bloke addicted to snorting coke or classified as broke
high standards
or at least that's what I'm telling them
they just want to die with gold around their skeleton

hasty decisions in a room full of doors
sittin' here waiting for the fumes to dissolve
must be a pharaoh I'm in tune with my soul
so when I die bury me in a tomb full of gold
Track Name: gold rose
the little kid from a pod
who worshipped wizard of oz, if I a had a dollar for every pokemon I evolved I'd be taking oprah out to high rollers
strippers winding to the hooka while we invite them into the book club
king of all of the houston
queen is part of the future
nastiest thing on your computer since the two cups
blue ah
two ah
back from the seventies with a paris melody that rivals kamasutra
thought they had me in a corner came out swinging like joiner
on my little scrappy
you don't want no problems
sucka mc's I'm playing a game of thrones 'cause the only shows that they ever booked was a novel
there goes the powder
came into the room with intent to devour
said they want to see my career and how it goes
watch me cover a rose in gold and watch it grow
Track Name: wishing wells
have you ever felt
things are not right
and everything you had is going right back now
don't you ever think
I am not here
but I don't really wanna do this right now
I don't really wanna break your little fragile heart so
please run away, I'm a monster police are on the way to arrest me
take me in for questioning
killed this shh
I killed this shit, I'm the
1% borden milk this shit
I slit then I stuff a couple pills in my wrist
ain't it funny 'cause I got a couple bills on my wrist I
told y'all nighas I ain't never gone die
killing me just ain't in the plans
haters thank me all in advance call me
abe lincoln I ain't never gone tell a lie
a couple males
dissing chell
we send him shells, and wish him well
good luck like a wishing well, nigga
Track Name: pallet town
and we believed her then, whoa

she don't want my love, love
she just want this money, money
but you know what, what?
come get this money, money
I'll take you on, on
fortitude is a virtue
but we'll be gone long
so tell 'em end all the searches
you feel that lump sum?
that's what turn into purchase
you feel that uh, uh?
and that's determined to surface
I heard you new here
what brings you here?
me, I just came off pocketing a new deal
and some blue pills
ecstasy viagra
drugs for liberty
mister mean 'ol raddish
where is zoe kravitz?
give me zoe kravitz
she dont want this love, love
this lonely road with traffic
check yourself before you wreck yourself
It's whatever though
nevermind the fit, I just thought I'd let you know, know

and now, outside
you see the waves in her eyes
and I, I won't mind what you decide to swear by

she don't want my money, money
want my love, love
what I'm supposed to run it, run it?
must be the drugs, drugs
take off your mask, mask
let me see your face, face
let down your guard boy
but this ain't the place, place
baby I'm too known
but I'm to drunk to care
so I let her take it off while she pump me on the chair, oh yeah
and as I'm exiting the covers
she held her hand out like
wait a minute mother-

(chorus 2x)

she don't want my love
she wants my money

she don't want my money
Track Name: too late
now that you want me it's too late
it's too late for love
or when you got me
you don't care
it's too late for love
I'm tired, so tired of playing
playing such a little fool
my mind is made up
I'm not coming back to you

I'm dying trying to find the perfect timing just tell you that everything that we had is declining
all these little things only serve as a reminder
toothbrush on the counter
clothes in the dryer
your funky as your last cut, you focus on that ass and your past eventually catch up
now that's bad luck
more so a bad look
but shit there's no such thing as a half crook
or are you that shook?

I need a man that treats me right
he'll treat me right
he'll feed me supper more than twice
yes he will, yes yes, he will
I'm not asking for lots of fancy toys
I don't need a lot of fancy toys
someone to keep me warm at night
so why, why when you had me boy
you must've been blind
goodbye, bye
now you taste the teardrops that I cried

I forget they used to call me white back in high school
'cause my pants used to hug a nigga waist
now they girlfriends treat my dick like an iphone
swear they like to rub a nigga case
most my watches digital, all my flows critical
all these haters looking fucking green like they piccolo
held my city down from the underground
probably been waiting to drop for a couple summers now
knew a couple girls that used to give me that run around now they run around try to get up in my dun ta duns like. girl do you see him
pull up in the b-m
now that's what the fuck I call a black european
I'm a b-a-double l-e-r
land all these rappers face down in the e-r
close curtain check the black box on the triage
man, sorry life's just a bia
quarter pound round how does she ride, hmm?
andele andele mama e-i, uh-oh
murder this bitch in bruno maglis
swag bruno mars, jimi, jada, yeezy, marley beast

my ride is tinted
the bitch with me inside a menace
she throw it at me like she roger clemens
Track Name: führer
so I kill it then I kills it more
father never did it so I had to do it for him
eatings tracks only thing to do is send me more
but the drums in my head tell a different story
couple ex girls text me say they miss your boy
but I couldn't summon the balls to say I miss 'em more
illest snapback tell you how I'm sick of love
you mindless dicks I'm the wrong one to be pissing off
I pick the locks
then I pick and choose
five'll get you in but six'll get you in the mood
now you in the news
doing interviews
but you ain't saying shit, like an Interlude
in this game you either float like an innertube
or take the easy out before you lose your inner you
doin' interviews
while you in the nude
another kodak for the niggas that you send it to
I rebirth the game nigga, brenda who?
and they saying tupac back
if you try to run my life on that tupac crap
I'll be forever remembered as the one who shot back, for real
what you thought this was?
was it a joke what you thought this was?
saw niggas losing they hope when I caught that buzz and my niggas'll all croak 'fore we drop that plug it's autumn

full power

learning as I grow
growing as I learn
what you know about lifting your city until your shoulders burn
you taught hang around people with the closest earn
so when I make a mill, there will be no return
old friends hate me
new girls want to date me
I'll be round more white folk than wayne brady
I know it sound crazy but I really want that shit
and it really phase me, but I probably won't admit
that I ain't applied for nothing else
so I figured while I'm rapping, might as well for the wealth
I'm talking jay-z press, with a girl on my lap ass as fat as sadie west
why don't you bounce it or something
after the entertainment start counting the money
this is for the haters ain't amounting to nothing
but they still up on this dick tryint to see when I'm coming
you know you see when im coming
reluctant to giving chances turn my back if you fronting
'cause if I'm asking for something, I'm asking for nothing they hear my voice and feel good ask me if I had drugged 'em it's 'cause I'm dope nigga

full power

so I kills it then I kill it more
am I acting like I never made a mill before?
do I act as if I never ate a meal before?
things I wanted man a nigga had to steal before
but the drums in my head tell a different story
ex girls text me tell me that they had misinformed me
they ain't miss me at all they just miss my naughty
I miss they calls, clip they claws, and hit that mister marley
illest snapback tell you how I'm living large all you mindless dicks I'm the wrong one to be pissing off
I pick the locks
then I pick and choose
five'll get me in but six'll get me in the mood
now I'm in the news
doing interviews
but I ain't saying shit, like an Interlude
in this game you either float like an innertube
or you take the easy out before them vultures finish you, please
Track Name: strngrs, ii (reprise)
good lord, mister south of the north side
mister probably got your chica sitting courtside
mister I should catch some z's at the top ‘cause I'm the hottest rocking out the h since zz-top
baby don't you love that we strngrs
only that thing I need is your name but
I don't need a thing from you only thing that I need is this thing for two
where we sit down have a conversation only thing we converse is how to conquer nations
all the hate rolled up like a condom then we flush it all away this ain't that kind of place, hun
all we wanna do is love
got some things on the list that I don't do enough
so I
scratch off like a lotto ticket
only thing that she dropped is a drop of kisses
only thing that I drop is a drop of pictures like
which one is it?
baby why you do that shit,
only thing that I hate is that you knew that shit would
come back to you
strngrs only do what we have to do
feeling like I only held half of you
this whole hearted fool got math to do
like me plus you it's on in the parking lot getting it
probably say I probably got balls for admitting it
grew up got a couple calls act different
hopped out a couple cars free of accidents
I said go to hell to an angel
now everytime I fall I'm in danger
I guess you were my guardian angel
'cause now im just preaching to an audience of strngrs
Track Name: strngrs, iii
you and I,
we are the indivdual pieces of this puzzle we call life
we shape so much, it would take a lifetime for me to explain
you see, we are more than strngrs to each other
I could be the hate that caused you to drink
that fine book that caused you to think
that breaking news that caused you to blink
see I am more than just a stranger
I'm your first love
when your heart couldn't take the weight you left
you were my first love lost
I'm you best friend
when all came too much to bear
see a stranger can come in all shapes, but always the alpha, some cases the omega
and isn't it strange that strange completes a stranger, but I don't know you and well, you don't seem strange at all
we live then leave
fail or succeed
love or grow anger, but we are the blessings
we are the strngrs.