092711 Tuesday

by Cheldon McQueen

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released September 27, 2011




Cheldon McQueen Houston, Texas


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Track Name: As Far As Eye Can See
[Verse 1: Cheldon McQueen]
Such a plastic life through these Giorgio Armanis
2012 Pagani
Million dollar timepiece
Thats 17k for every second wasted
Cause I ain't spending to end up in second places
Where the girls that suck (hey!) like it's second nature
8 in the morning on my second chaser
Taking double treys like im Danny Granger
With two bleach blonds lookin like some Rachels
Or maybe Whitneys, I'm just being picky
I'm just being that nigga you hate to see winning
But all this hate every now and then
Lets me know that im considered great every now and then but

[Hook: Sarah Barthel & Cheldon McQueen]
As far as I can see
Nobody loves me
As far as I can tell
Nobody loves me with her
As you were going down
Up down the staircase (of love)
As you were going down
Up down the staircase aboard
(I don't get it man. Yall tell me I'm too skinny, I need to eat
But then when yall see me eating, yall say I'm eating too much, im too greedy
What yall want?)

[Verse 2: Cheldon McQueen]
Never been on a diet
Probably never gone try it
Twin turbo the supra
Call it Nick and Mariah
One for the Nick Minajes
Who just went off to college
Spent her refund on an ass that won't fit inside her pockets (yeah)
But she put it on her man though
Something these fingers can't hold
You throw that back you know you do
There's nothing to hide we the only two here
Almost a new year
Heard your resolution was to get that body fixed
Do it natural no visits to the surgeon
Cause a Bentley doesn't look good with a body kit, but yall ain't listening

[Hook: Sarah Barthel & Cheldon McQueen]
As far as I can see (yall ain't listening)
Nobody's listening
As far as I can tell
Nobody's listening to me
Are you glad I
I found an answer
Are you glad I (blueberry twos-day, get it? twos-day.)
Nobody cries back for me (that was corny, I know.)